Sustainable Restaurant Association

I’m a big fan of food. I’m a big fan of cooking. And i’m a big fan of eating out.

When I cook I can make the decisions of what food I purchase, be it local, organic, free-range, fair trade, and so on. However, when eating out you can’t be sure of the social or environmental impact of a restaurants’ operations.

Now, thanks to the Sustainable Restaurant Association we can make informed decisions on where to eat out based on their sustainability rating. The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) aim to help restaurants become more sustainable and enable diners to make more sustainable choices when eating out. This can involve helping restaurants source food more sustainably, work more closely with their community, and manage resources more efficiently. Restaurants committing to sustainability can make a huge difference on issues such as climate change, animal welfare and food waste.

The SRA examine restaurants in 14 key focus areas and provide detailed evidence to support their answers across three main sustainability categories – Sourcing, Environment and Society.

Source: Sustainable Restaurant Association.

The SRA assessors award three potential Ratings: One Star, Two Star and Three Star Sustainability Champion. The SRA provide a restaurant guide showcasing restaurants that achieve Champion status. You can use this guide to search for sustainable restaurants by location or by name. For the restaurants that gain the Star Sustainability Champion ratings you can explore their rating summary to see areas in which they are doing well in and areas they could improve.

Make informed decisions when you dine and use your purchasing power to encourage the restaurant and hospitality industry to act in more sustainable ways to benefit our society and environment.


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